How to Get Token in Pigg Scratch Card (English ver)

in Ameba Pigg, there is no Gacha button in the main screen but there is scratch card button. The button is located at the most right corner of the screen.

Unlike Pico Gacha, the token location in Pigg Scratch Card is stable. Now i will tell you the location of the tokens. You have to keep in mind that you can only scratch the card once a day (sometimes twice, i don't know why, lol).


  トラベル ver

クッキング ver

Scratch Card 001

Scratch Card 002

Scratch Card 003

Scratch Card 004

Scratch Card 005

Scratch Card 006

Scratch Card 007

Scratch Card 008 - there is no token here x(

音楽 ver
お部屋 ver
 ガーデニング ver

お掃除 ver

アスレチック ver

雨ふり ver

肝試し ver


音楽2 ver

開運 ver

トレーニング ver